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    Quadmester 2 Changes

    In order to minimize contacts in a day, Montcalm classes are divided into quadmesters this year. Instead of taking 4 classes each day for a semester (September - January and February - June), students will work on one class per day. Students will have two classes for the first half of each semester with longer class times and two different classes for the second half of each semester.  Please check the calendars linked in the banner above for the new alternating A and B cohort days for Quad 2.  The daily schedule has also changed. Class times are moving to before lunch (from 8:20-12:40) with breaks that add up to 20 minutes. Lunch is later from 12:40-1:20. Study hall is at the same time and is after lunch in the last hour of the school day. 

    On days students are not in school they will have assignments and lessons that can be found on their Google Classroom or Brightspace class. Students in cohort B are encouraged to check their school gmail for emails or Google classroom/Brightspace invitations from their period 3 and 4 teachers. 






    Guidance Google Classroom

    The Guidance Google Classroom will provide guidance, resources, graduation, scholarship, college/university, and general information for ALL of students. Check here for school wide announcements! All students have been invited in Google Classroom and are asked to go there and join. If you have difficulties signing in, ask your teacher for the code. 

    Student Success (SST) Online

    Members of the Student Success Team are here to help you with the transition to online learning. There are eight sessions a week that you can do a virtual drop-in for extra help. See how and when at the SST Website. 

    Resource Online

    Resource teachers are available to help students with IEPs at the Montcalm Resource webpage and Google Classroom. 

    Library Learning Commons Webpage

    Check out the new site for your library and research needs.

    Montcalm News on Twitter

    See what is happening at Montcalm on our main twitter feed, and more about guidance and career news on our guidance twitter feed.



    Guidance Appointments

    If you need to book an appointment with a guidance counsellor, find out about options for gaining credits, explore post-secondary information and much more see the new Montcalm Guidance website. 

    Meal Calendar and Food Banks List:  

    If you need additional sources of food, please refer to the following links. 

    This page provides up to date changes in meal services in London. Other resources including updating calendars are also on this page.

    Quad 1 School Schedule


    First Lesson Block (includes 10 min. break)




    Second Lesson Block (includes 10 min. break)

    1:20-2:20 Study Hall
    2:20 End of School Day