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    Getting Ready for Finals:

    Exams will be starting soon. Final evaluations make up 30% of your total grade. This 30% could be divided into final tests, projects, activities, or other assignments. In most classes, part of this final will happen at 9 a.m. on the scheduled exam day:

    Period 1: Thursday, June 20

    Period 2: Friday, June 21

    Period 3: Monday, June 24

    Period 4: Tuesday, June 25


    Getting Organized:

    • If you have and IEP and want to write in resource, bring in your completed exam form to resource by the end of the day Friday, June 14th.
    • Make sure you understand what is expected for your final evaluation projects and assignments.
    • Make sure you know what will be covered on the day of the exam, when you will start, and where you will be writing.
    • Find and return any library books, text books, or materials borrowed from class. Locker cleanup is June 18th.


    Exam Day:

    • Bring what you need to the exam room (pens/pencils, calculator, etc.). Only these should go to your desk with you. You may be asked to leave anything else (bags, jackets, personal devices) at the front of the room.
    • Be at your exam 10 minutes before your exam starts.  If you arrive late, you will not be given extra time at the end and may miss some important instructions and details.
    •  Exams have different end times. Many exams may still be going on even if yours is finished. Once you are finished your exam, either go quietly to the library or cafeteria to study, or leave the building.  You are not permitted to hang around in the hallways.
    • The cafeteria and library will be open for quiet study during the exam period. They will be closed after.
    • The busses are running at normal times.
    • If you are ill on the day of your exam, your parent or guardian must call the school as soon as possible.  You will require a doctor’s note to justify your absence.  If you are truant, you will receive a mark of zero on your exam.


    Alumni Coffeehouse - June 14

    Dramatic Arts brings you the final Coffee House of the year Friday, June 14 from 2:30 to 5 p.m. in the auditorium. Come and enjoy some relaxed entertainment or show us something you’ve been working on. This is the annual Alumni Coffee House, so past student will also be joining.



    Summer School Registration:

    Any student wishing to take a summer school course can register on April 1st. Courses are available both online and in class.  Grade nine and ten in class sessions are run at Lucas this year. Grade 11 and Grade 12 in class programs are taking place at Beal. See guidance for more information.

    Graduation Gowns:

    Graduates, please check your school email for an important form to fill out. If you have more questions see Mrs. Neale in Room 204.

    Have you picked next year's classes? 

    Students who think they may not have completed next year's course selections are encouraged to go onto My Blueprint as soon as possible and finish. Don't forget to submit when you are done. 

    For details about what is offered next year, open the link below:

     Course Calendar: Grade 10-12 2019-2020


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