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    About Us

    Address: 1350 Highbury Avenue, London, N5Y 1B5

    Phone: 519-452-2730

    Fax: 519-452-2749

    Email: montcalm@tvdsb.ca

    Principal: L. Grant (Sem 1), J. Beynon (Sem 2)

    Vice Principals: K. O'Hara, C. Cavender (Sem 1), M. Naus (Sem 2)

    Superintendent: C. Giannacopoulos

    Trustees: Marianne Larsen, Leroy Osbourne

    School Schedule

    8:20-9:35     Period 1
    9:40-10:55   Period 2
    10:55-11:40  Lunch
    11:45-1:00    Period 3
    1:05-2:20      Period 4

    feature 1

    Final Evaluation Days (Semester 1)

    Period 1: Friday, Jan 27th

    Period 2: Monday, Jan 30th

    Period 3: Tuesday, Jan 31st

    Period 4: Wednesday, Feb 1st

    For most classes final assessment activities or exams start at 8:30 am. Students need to remain in their rooms for a minimum of one hour. In order to maintain a quiet space for ongoing exams, the cafeteria is open for students who need to wait for transportation.  If the school is closed due to weather, February 2nd is the alternative day. Semester 2 starts February 6th. 

    Semester 2

    February 6 is the start of Semester 2. Student timetables can be found on the student portal. Ask staff or peer helpers for assistance if you are not able to see your timetable or are having difficulty finding your classroom. Please make an appointment with your guidance counsellor if you would like to discuss your timetable. 

    Course Selection for 2023-2024

    Course Selection is NOW OPEN for the 2023-2024 school year. Course Calendar and My Blueprint Instructions here! Pick courses in My Blueprint here!


    Parent Portal:

    Dear Parents and Caregivers,

    Your child's/children's annual verification forms for the 2022-2023 school year are now available through the TVDSB Parent Portal. Please take a few minutes to complete these forms online to ensure that accurate information is on file at the school with respect to your child/children. Parents and Caregivers can create a login account using the email address registered at their child’s school. An online video is available on the login page to assist with the account creation process. Information about attendance, marks, and IEPs can also be found on the parent portal. 







    Guidance Webpage

    The Guidance Webpage will provide guidance, resources, graduation, scholarship, college/university, and general information for ALL of students. Check here for school wide announcements! . 

    Student Success (SST) Online

    Members of the Student Success Team are here to help you with the transition to online learning. There are eight sessions a week that you can do a virtual drop-in for extra help. See how and when at the SST Website. 

    Resource Online

    Resource teachers are available to help students with IEPs at the Montcalm Resource webpage and Google Classroom. 

    Library Learning Commons Webpage

    Check out the new site for your library and research needs.

    Montcalm News on Twitter

    See what is happening at Montcalm on our main twitter feed, and more about guidance and career news on our guidance twitter feed.