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    Picking Up Your Belongings: June 8-9 (11-2 by appointment)

    Public health and TVDSB have worked together to allow students controlled and limited access to Montcalm to retrieve personal belongings from their lockers. Calls have been made giving students appointment times to maintain safety. 


    A. School items (library books, textbooks, equipment, or school clothing) that you no longer need. Don’t return school-provided Chromebooks or SEA equipment unless you are leaving the Thames Valley school board (i.e. graduating, moving to post-secondary, or transferring boards) and done with them for the school year. 

    B. Bring a backpack to hold your belongings.

    C. Bring a mask and other protective equipment you wish to use. Masks are not provided. 


    In order to follow public health protocols and social distancing, the following protocol MUST be followed: 

    1. If you are experiencing any symptoms of Covid-19, or if you have been in contact with someone who has been diagnosed with Covid-19, or if you have travelled out of the country in the last 14 days, you may not come to the school property.

    2. You can’t bring family or friends into the building with you. Only you may go to your locker to get your belongings.

    3. When you get to school go to the parking lot and staff will direct you to your entrance door. Multiple doors are being used. 

    4. Social distancing rules apply to the ENTIRE school property (both inside and outside the school, on the sidewalk and in the parking lot). Staff will be supervising outside and inside the school to ensure compliance to these social distancing rules.

    5. While waiting, follow the markings on the sidewalk to keep a safe distance.

    6. At the door, give the staff member with the checklist your name. 

    7. Use the hand sanitizer inside the front door before you go to your locker. 

    8.  Following the arrows on the right side of each hallway and keep a physical distance from others.

    9. If you require personal belongings / schoolwork from a classroom (i.e. music room, art room, tech room, etc), you should contact your teacher in advance. Students will not be allowed to enter classrooms.

    10. If you don’t remember your combination ask for custodians to cut your lock off. 


    There will be another time to return school items during the last week of June. Students leaving the Thames Valley School Board who have not returned borrowed equipment and other school property in order to finish the school year should return them at this time. Personal belongings that are not claimed from lockers will be retrieved by custodians, bagged, and stored for later curbside pick-up. Unclaimed belongings will eventually be donated and/or disposed of.

    Coronavirus Update:

    By order of the Ontario government, schools have been closed until at least May 30th. Thames Valley District School Board continues to publish Coronavirus Updates directly to parents and on board/school websites.To see all the TVDSB Covid-19 information posts click here. 

    For more information about COVID-19, Thames Valley District School Board families may contact Southwestern Public HealthMiddlesex London Health Unit, talk to your doctor or call TeleHealth at 1-866-797-0000. Thank you for your support as we work to minimize the risk and spread of COVID-19.

    E-Learning Courses:

    If you are interested in taking an E-Learning course next year (2020-21), registration is now open. You can find a list of courses at eLearning Online TVDSB under "View the 2020/21 Course Offerings" button. There is no guarantee that you will get into a course, as many are not with TVDSB and they will be offered pending enough students registering.

    To register, please send an email to your guidance counsellor (Mrs. Charlton, Mr. McNorgan, or Mr. Dukic) with the course(s) you wish to sign up for. Please make sure you read the Learning Skills sheet posted May 1st on the Montcalm Guidance Google Classroom as well, before deciding to register for E-Learning.





     Improvement Credits (June 24 deadline)

     In light of COVID-19, the TVDSB has decided to help students out by offering some courses to improve your learning. The Summer Improvement Course Online program is open to current TVDSB secondary students who have already passed a course in THIS SCHOOL YEAR but wish to improve their final grade, and also to students who want to close learning gaps and enhance their knowledge of course content. These courses will cover key expectations of the curriculum content.  

            In order to be eligible, you MUST have passed the course you wish to take...this is an improvement credit, and you will not earn a new credit. The course will run for two weeks (Aug 4-14, 2020) and the expectation is that you are engaged in the course for 5-6 hours per day. The courses that are being offered can be found on the Guidance Google Classroom. The deadline to apply for an improvement course is June 24 at 4:00pm.


    New Credits   (June 15 deadline -NEW)    

     Students can still take a summer school new credit as well as an improvement course as they are at different times in the summer.


    Please contact your guidance counsellor if you have any questions!!


    Guidance Google Classroom

    The Guidance Google Classroom will provide guidance, resources, graduation, scholarship, college/university, and general information for ALL of students. Check here for school wide announcements! All students have been invited in Google Classroom and are asked to go there and join. If you have difficulties signing in, ask your teacher for the code. 

    Student Success (SST) Online

    Members of the Student Success Team are here to help you with the transition to online learning. There are eight sessions a week that you can do a virtual drop-in for extra help. See how and when at the SST Website. 

    Resource Online

    Resource teachers are available to help students with IEPs at the Montcalm Resource webpage and Google Classroom. 

    Library Learning Commons Webpage

    Check out the new site for your library and research needs.

    Potential Graduates Mark These Dates:


    May 28, 2020 - Responses (Offer)

    Latest date that applicants shall expect a response from Universities.

    June 1, 2020 - Accepting Offers

    The earliest date that universities may request a response to an offer of admission. Students may accept offers prior but students are not compelled to make a decision before this date!


    2019-2020 Classes

     Course Calendar: Grade 10-12 2019-2020


    Montcalm News on Twitter

    See what is happening at Montcalm on our main twitter feed, and more about guidance and career news on our guidance twitter feed.




    Meal Calendar and Food Banks List:  

    If you need additional sources of food, please refer to the following links. 

    This page provides up to date changes in meal services in London. Other resources including updating calendars are also on this page.


    Regular School Schedule


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