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    Exam Dates

    Period 1 Exam - January 24th @ 9AM

    Period 2 Exam - January 27th @ 9AM

    Period 3 Exam - January 28th @ 9AM

    Period 4 Exam - January 29th @ 9AM

    Students are required to stay in exams rooms for at least one hour. Silence is needed in the halls when exams are running. Noise in halls, foyers, and stairwells carries to exam rooms. Because many exams last longer than one hour,  students are asked to move quietly to the cafeteria or exit the school as soon as they are done their exam to allow everyone to have the best chance to do well on their final exam. 


    1. If a student is absent from an exam because of illness or other unavoidable circumstance, a parent/guardian must contact the school immediately on the day of exam. A medical note may be requested verifying that the absence was due to illness.

    2. A student who arrives late for an exam due to an unacceptable reason (i.e. sleeping in, missing the bus, etc.) will be admitted to the exam and will be allowed to write as much of the exam as can be completed in the remaining time. No additional time will be given to the student.

    3. If the reason for missing an exam is approved by the administration prior to the exam date, the student will receive no penalty for missing the exam. The final mark may be based on other term work or the exam may be rescheduled.

    4. All students writing an exam will remain in the exam room for a minimum of one hour. There is no dismissal before that time.

    5. Upon completion of an exam, students may go quietly to their locker. Then students must go quietly to the cafeteria, a prearranged place to complete work, or leave the school. STUDENTS MUST NOT BE IN THE HALLS DURING EXAMS.

    6. The cafeteria is not open for food service during exams.

    7. Texts and other loan materials MUST be returned by the day of the exam.

    8. Cell phones are not permitted. Students will be asked to leave bags and backpacks at the front of the room.

    Exams are important. Study hard, and do your best!






    Next Year's Classes 

    Course booklets have been given out. If you were not here on options day you can get one from guidance to help you make choices for next year's class. Students in grades 11 and 12 will be assisted with course selection in January. Grade 9 and 10 students will work with guidance staff to pick classes in February. It is not too late to talk to options teachers if you would like more information about a class!


    Regular School Schedule


    Block A & MCTV


    Block B




    Block C


    Block D


    University and College Visits:

    Graduating students, unversities and colleges have begun their visits to Montcalm. This is a great opportunity to gain information before applying. See guidance about particular visit days or see this list. Sign up in guidance to leave class to participate in a visit.  

    Potential Graduates Mark These Dates:


    February 1, 2020 - Equal Consideration Deadline

    Deadline for students to submit online applications to OCAS for equal consideration. This is the highest volume period for the online cite so it is strongly recommended that students do not wait until this date to submit online applications for equal consideration. The final days of January will be overloaded.

    May 1, 2020 - Offer Acceptance Deadline

    All applicants must confirm their acceptance of an offer to a chosen program through ontariocollege.ca.


    January 15, 2020 - Application Deadline

    Deadline to have submitted online applications to the OUAC for processing and equal consideration at university (unless specific university/program requirements are earlier). On-line system will be overloaded close to this deadline! We strongly suggest that you apply before this final week!

    May 28, 2020 - Responses (Offer)

    Latest date that applicants shall expect a response from Universities.

    June 1, 2020 - Accepting Offers

    The earliest date that universities may request a response to an offer of admission. Students may accept offers prior but students are not compelled to make a decision before this date!


    2019-2020 Classes

     Course Calendar: Grade 10-12 2019-2020


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    See what is happening at Montcalm on our main twitter feed, and more about guidance and career news on our guidance twitter feed.